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Electronic Fume Extraction, tip, volume and cabinet extraction for the electronics industries

Electronics Fume Extractor


A unit that have been designed primarily to extract the fumes generated during hand soldering in the electronics industry. These portable system comes complete with extraction arms and installation kit that contain everything required to set up one or two operators with ease. Minimal installation allows the units to be moved with the work bench when factory layouts need changing due to production challenges. This low noise level and fully comprehensive filtration unit isideal for factories with changing production demands.

Arm extraction for solder applications

  • • Unique flip top flush sealing mounting plate
  • • Granulated Carbon Gas Filter
  • • Filter Blocked Indicator
  • • 99.997% HEPA Filtration


  • Height: 380mm
  • Width: 260mm
  • Depth: 260mm
  • Weight: 10kg 22lbs
  • Flow Rate with filters fitted: 180m³/hr 106cfm
  • Power Unit: Centrifugal fan
  • Rated Output: 0.14kw
  • Voltage: 230V 115V
  • Noise Level (dBA): 54
  • Duct Size: 50mm 1.9"
  • Duct Run: 5 mtrs 16.4ft
  • Filter Efficiency: 99.997%

Electronics Fume Extraction Applications

Electronics Fume Extraction Applications
Ultimate Support Package. Fume Shield

Making your fume extraction more affordable than ever with exclusive discounts all filters & LEV testing and fixed costs for service & support.

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News & Development

Posted :: 18th April 2011

Make your fume extraction more affordable than ever...

Etek have now launched Fume Shield, our ultimate support package. Fume Shield provides exclusive discounts on all your Fume Extraction Filters and LEV Testing along with fixed costs for Service and Support.

Posted :: 18th April 2011

Save up to 30% off all pre and main filters

Our exclusive filter offer can save you up to 30% off any pre-filter or main filter. Just tell us your make and model and we will tell you how much you can save!

Posted :: 18th April 2011

The UK's biggest team of regional engineers for fume extraction service and LEV Testing

Etek's regional team of Service & Support engineers provide comprehensive servicing and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) testing on all fume extraction equipment to ensure it continues to adhere to current Health and Safety guidelines and preform efficiently. All of our engineers are P601 qualified standard as set out by the Health and Safety Executive HSG258 guidelines.

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